SYMMETRY and the Digital Twin

Toward a 5G + XR + IoT + AI Enabled World

Digital Twin - What is a Digital Twin?

A concept proposed in 2002 by Michael Grieves, a professor at the University of Michigan, that digitally recreates a real-world twin of goods and equipment. This allows digital twins to be used to improve subsequent models of a product by faithfully simulating defects and failures in a virtual space. Our company is applying the digital twin to the vast expanses of the real world by developing a platform that can be used by anyone, converting static and dynamic phenomena that occur in the real world into digital data.

SYMMETRY use cases


Urban planning

- Smart City

  • Disaster simulation and monitoring
  • Improving productivity of government services
  • Utilizing virtual space for research and development
Urban infrastructure

Transport and energy infrastructure

- Urban infrastructure

  • Efficient infrastructure maintenance and management
  • Optimization of consumer energy use
  • Increase productivity of field workers
Urban infrastructure


  • Improving productivity
  • Overcoming labor shortages with technology
  • Increased worker safety

Real estate

  • Asset management utilizing BIM data
  • Operations management of the entire facility through predictive maintenance
  • Reduce cost of ownership


  • Improved operations and reduced store staffing
  • Inventory control, display optimization
  • Real-time sales data analysis

Development of digital twin technology

We are developing a platform called SYMMETRY that can convert static and dynamic events occurring in the real world into digital data and make it available to everyone.


1. Reality capture

LiDAR, drone, BIM/CIM and GIS data create a digital twin of the real world. Fast processing and visualization by VR, AR, smartphone, PC, and other platforms.


2. Mapping

Real-time data from IoT sensors and satellite data are used to update digital twins based on real-world events.


3. Simulation

Real-world simulations using digital twins that are updated in real time realize a smart society through automation and optimization of operations.


SYMMETRY features

Centralized processing of 3D CAD, point cloud, GIS, transportation, energy, and weather information


Digital twin services accessible via various devices such as AR, VR, smartphone, tablet, and PC.



From July 2021, the platform "SYMMETRY Digital Twin Cloud" that allows you to easily connect open data on the Internet and APIs provided by each company to build digital twins for each field and use them in the field. Is now available.


Leveraging xR technology to develop digital twins for construction sites, urban planning and disaster preparedness among other use cases.

SYMMETRY integrates and visualizes data sets required for every customer.

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